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    Altitude: Sea Level to 440 feet

    City of Gig Harbor: 6,500

    Area Code:(253)
    Zip Codes (Main): 98335, 98332, 98329

    City of Gig Harbor
    Incorporated: 1946
    Square Miles:4.14

    Average home price: $450,000

    Gig Harbor/Key Peninsula Area:66,000 Median home price: $368,000
    Pierce County: 647,000 Apartment rent:$575
    Household income: $54,935 Average tax rate (per $1,000 assessed value): $12.25

    State Parks: 3
    City Parks: 2
    Swimming Pools: 3
    Public Golf Courses:3
    Soccer and call fields, tennis courts, skateboard
    park, sailing club; Close to snow skiing (2hours);
    Water sports include scuba diving, sailing, kayaks,
    powerboats, jet skis, windsurfing, water skiing.

    Tacoma – 11 Miles
    Bremerton – 30 Miles
    Sea-Tac International Airport – 33 Miles
    Olympia (State Capital) – 45 Miles
    Seattle – 49 Miles
    Olympic National Park (Staircase Rapids Area) – 65 Miles
    Mt. Rainier (Paradise Area) – 83 Miles
    Mt. St. Helen’s (Johnstons Ridge Area) – 141 Miles
    Portland – 146 Miles

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