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    A Description of Gig Harbor is, above all, a paradise for water enthusiasts of all kinds. The Gig Harbor Yacht Club is an active member of the community. Kayaking, fishing and beach-combing are popular pastimes.

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    On a clear day (and contrary to the rumors, there are lots of those), the towering presence of Mount Rainier perches on the east horizon, while to the northwest, the jagged peaks of the Olympic Mountains beckon outdoor lovers. Who could ask for a more spectacular natural setting? But there’s more, of course.

    Gig Harbor’s beauty is more than skin deep. People decide to stay and make a home here not only because of the unparalleled natural surroundings but also because of the community.

    Gig Harbor remains that all-too-rare place where it’s possible to run into your neighbors at the grocery store or the dry cleaners, where people smile and wave to you as you walk down the street, and where individual participation in the life of the town is valued and encouraged.

    The pace of life is slower here. Despite the area’s easy access to the cities of Tacoma and Seattle, Gig Harbor and the Key Peninsula feel like a world apart from the hustle and bustle of urban life. In Gig Harbor, it’s possible to have the best of all worlds, to live in a quaint small town while having access to both wilderness and one of the great cities of the world.

    It’s possible to take advantage of everything civilization has to offer while living in a place where you can still see stars at night and hear crickets and frogs outside your front door instead of traffic. Whatever you like to do with your spare time, you’ll find it here, whether it’s playing outdoors or indoors, browsing art galleries or taking in a play, stopping for a cup of chowder or sitting down for a unique fine-dining experience.

    The possibilities are endless!

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