Winter Maintenance Checklist

    Winter brings unique problems, from frozen pipes to falling branches it can be some work; but don’t fret, if you are lucky and take the time to do some home maintenance you can ward off any major issues.

    1. Prepare for (more) storms

    While we have already had our fair share of what could be considered winter storms, they are just getting started. We have at least three more months of rain and wind (maybe snow) storms to look forward to.

    Now is the perfect time to make sure that you have all your emergency supplies ready. There are plenty of pre-made kits available, but if you are looking to put together your own make sure that you have enough food and water for at least 72 hours for every person in your house, batteries and flashlights, and warm weather gear. For a more detailed list of items to keep on hand visit

    2. Inspect your property

    It is important to know the condition of your property, during the winter many serious issues may be easier to detect. Keep your eyes out for frozen pipes and other issues that could cause major damage.

    Make sure you check the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. During the winter with everything closed and heaters running, working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are more important than ever.

    Although there may be some things that you can take care of, there may also be some issues that you need to call in the professionals for; if you need some recommendations contact us for access to HomeKeepr, an app with the professionals we trust.

    3.Wood floors

    Winter can be hard on wood floors, deicer, water, heaters, they all play huge parts in wearing down flooring.

    Try using Rugs and mats in high-traffic areas to keep water and salt off of your floors. The dry air caused by interior heaters can cause boards to dry out, separate, and crack. To maintain a good humidity try running a humidifier.

    4. Block Drafts

    During the winter is the easiest time to catch drafts, and bad weather stripping. Poorly sealed windows and doors can let in unwanted cool air and cause your heater to work harder and cause your energy bill to sky-rocket.

    If you notice air coming under your door or from around windows, there are many options at the local hardware store. Adhesive foam weather stripping around windows can help create a better seal and keep out unwanted air, for air coming from under doors there are a variety of door stops and sweepers to help keep out drafts.

    5. Allergens

    Especially during the winter when all the doors and windows are closed against the cold air, allergens are around your home. The main source of indoor allergens come from pets, but they can also come from fabrics, carpet, and damp areas.

    To help fight these indoor allergens, vacuum all upholstery and carpets often, as well as blinds and other areas that may collect dust. To keep allergens out of your bedding, wash in hot water once a week. A zippered allergen-resistant mattress cover can even help stop the circulation of allergens better than an air filter; which is another good buy.

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