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    Selling Your Home? Keeping Up with Maintenance is Just as Important Now

    If you live in the Pacific Northwest you know that the weather can take a toll on our homes. The rain and wind can leave them a little battered.

    Keeping up with regular maintenance whether you are thinking about selling your home or not,  can help you avoid some major headaches.

    Yards and Walkways

    One of the first things that buyers will see when they come to view your house is your yard, you don’t want them to see limbs and weeds strewn about. Make sure flowerbeds, yards, and walkways all look their best.

    In the Pacific Northwest moss is the problem many people have to deal with. It grows everywhere! Pressure washing driveways and walkways can help clear the unsightly slipping hazards and really help with your house’s curb appeal.

    Clear away fallen branches, pine cones, and make sure flower beds are well maintained. Often times a neglected yard can be a red flag for buyers, it may leave them wondering what else has been left neglected.

    Gutters and Roofs

    As we all know, we get a lot of rain, which means that our roofs and gutters get a lot of use. This also means that there is a good chance that buyers will be viewing your home while it is raining.

    Clogged gutters can not only leave your prospective buyers walking through a curtain of water but can also cause water to seep into the house causing severe damage that may just cost you a sale.

    Your roof, on the other hand, might be more than just a couple hours on a ladder to tackle. Generally, your roof will be examined during the home inspection, but it is probably a good idea to have it looked at ahead of time. That way you have some piece of mind knowing that everything is in the clear, and if there are any issues you are not blindsided after accepting an offer.

    Heating Systems

    Heaters, while they are often hidden in the depths of the walls, that doesn’t mean they deserve to be ignored. Your HVAC unit should be serviced regularly even if you aren’t selling your home. The last thing you want is to turn up the heat for an open house and have it leaving everything smelling like dust. Make sure you clean vents and filters well to keep any lingering dust or allergens from spreading.


    Wash your Windows

    Winter weather in the Pacific Northwest can leave even the cleanest windows dirty in a matter of hours. Dirty windows can easily take away from beautiful views and distract buyers from the amazing things your home offers.

    Whether you do them your self or have someone come out, make sure your windows gleam and showcase your house’s best features.



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